Runaway from Runway

Fashion is a very beautiful, but also a very cruel industry. Not only it kills a lot of animals, but also - humans. Over the years, there were some people, who took the preasure from fashion very seriously. Beautiful girls start their modelling carreer and they don't even know, where they are putting themselves into: you have to be perfect and fit crazy standarts of 90-60-90. There were a few models, who were over trying to fit in and didn't make it through.

Ana Carolina Reston was a Brazilian fashion model. She worked for Giorgio Armani and was represent by some agencies all over the world. She was perfectly normal, until she went to China, where she was told being too fat. Ana took the criticism very deep and started starving herself. She only ate tomatoes and apples, which led her to death at the age of 21.

Luisel Ramos - a Uruguayan model died after her walk on a runway during Fashion Week in Montevideo. She had a heart failure and fainted while going to the dressing room. All of this was caused by anorexia.

Eliana Ramos - also a Uruguanyan model, a sister of Luisel Ramos. She was a fashion model in Latin America and was signed by one of the mots prestigious modelling agencies in Argentina. Eliana died in her grandparents ranch at the age of 18. Examinations showed that she had a heart attack, which was believed to be caused by undereating.

Isabelle Caro was a French model and actress, who suffered from anorexia since she was 13. Isabelle said herself, that her illness was caused by her terrible childhood: her mother used to don't let her go outside, so Isabelle won't grow more. Isabelle's fight with anorexia was public: she spoke with lots of journalists and appeared in some TV Shows. Even though she was hospitalised for a few times, it didn't help her to get over from illness. She died when she was 28 because of exhaustion and undereating. Her mother killed herself few months after Isabelle's death, because she blamed herself for that.

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