Hello you all,
This time it's boys night! Well, not just for boys, for girls too :) Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I should post something about presents! Every girl knows that the best gift for her man is underwear. I for instance, can't resist my man wearing underwear! :D The jac5 is brand new underwear company that makes gorgeous panties for boys!

In tune with progressive, successful men, the jac5 underwear brand is a premium product that delivers comfort and style for a true essential in any man’s life - his underwear. Successful men know how to manage their assets, and we do too!

jac5 underwear has been fine tuned with extraordinary detail: trunks, briefs and boxers with sophisticated, super soft, laser cut waistbands, superior stitching and premium fabrics that are designed to flatter the pouch and the bum (just the way the ladies like it!).

Visit their website to find out more about them!

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