Shopping spree

Hello my lovely ones!

It's January and we all now what it means for shopaholics - mid season sale! I know it's very bad for me since I'm totally broke, but c'mon! So, I woke up today, saw what a beautiful day it is and decided to hit the high street :)

I'll start from the left :)

1. Studded handbag from some local shop £2.5
2. 'Kanye West' t-shirt from Primark £8
3. Beyonce 4 and Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch The Throne CDs from hmv £5 each
4. 'Moustache' t-shirt from Primark £3
5. 'Waiting for Mr. Right' PJs from Primark £7
6. Oil pastels and new sketchbook from local art shop

I seriously need to save some money right now and I need to find strength in myself not to shop. I know, it's ironic because I love fashion and I can't live without clothes...

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