Yeezy taught me

Did I win the award for worst blogging ever or what? :D
Anyway, from now on I hope to do the best I can, because I have some free time. I'm finished with Textiles Design coursework, all I have to do is prepare for my exam piece :) I do not know what I'm making yet, although I think it will be a dress. :)

So today we are talking about Kanye West. Major rapper, fashion icon and my personal hero. I actually do imagine myself as his wife. Don't judge me.

His outrageous actions really made him resentful in some peoples' eyes, but not mine. I love him for all that.
So there are some outfits of my beloved. As Kanye said in his song 'Good life' he has a passion for fashion. He loves good quality and designer labels. I love his style and the way he presents himself. I really want more men would dress like him. Good sense turns me on :D

 Kanye and another love of my life - Pharrell Williams

There is Kanye rocking Versace for H&M in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Kanye often attends fashion shows, he is always interested in new trends.

To sum up:
He made 'Jesus walks', he's never goin' to hell.

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