Winter is gone

Hi angel faces,

My half term break is coming to an end so I'm kinda in a bad mood. Even though I've had great time this week.
On weekend there was snow! I do admit, I hate winter and I hate cold, but it was nice to see snow here in London. It doesn't happen often here, so everyone was pretty excited. I took some pictures in my garden to convince myself that winter can beautiful too :)

On Monday me and my friend Jessica took a trip to the City. One of the tasks for our Textile course was to visit a museum or gallery over the half term break. It was really fun to spend some time with my beloved mate, who actually is one of my dearest friends here in UK. So, we visited Tate Modern gallery (after long long time struggling to find it) then we took the tube and went to the V&A museum. That's one of the greatest museums they have here in London, since it's all dedicated to art, design and architecture. After that we were starved so we went to Burger King (not even apologizing under these circumstances). After we filled our tummies with all that delicious junk food we went to check out the National Gallery. Monday was pretty great even though I was exhausted after all that walking :)

On Wednesday my friend Anna had her 18th birthday! She threw a fabulous party and we all had good time there :) As always there were people that got out of control, but my rule is 'It's not a party if no one is throwing up!' Oh but jokes will be jokes :) I'm glad I had an opportunity to spent this time with my friends from college. And I love my girlies, you're all so beautiful and fabulous!

I only have three days left till I'll have to get back to college, so I'm dedicating this time to do my coursework... You have no idea how much I have to do. And I barely even started! :/ I'll make a post about what I do in college to show you what's actually going on :D And also there will be a post about NYFW! It was epic :) 


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